Center School Playground Gets New Equipment

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Work has begun on the new Center School playground. In an update sent to parents, Principal Jennifer Parson says the playground will be closed until further notice while the old equipment is removed and the new equipment installed.

“The structure area has been roped off and students are not allowed to enter that area until work has been completed,” said Parson.

Recess will continue, however, and will take place outdoors on the Center School field and blacktop area behind the school as long as the construction is limited to the roped-off area.

The equipment at Center School is being replaced due to safety concerns; some of the play structures are over 18 years old and no longer safe. Parson says funding for the project is being provided by the school district with some assistance from the HPTA.

“We have purchased several new pieces that meet current playground codes,” said Parson. “These pieces are more appropriate for 5-7 year old children than some of our current pieces.

Installation of the new equipment will take place over the next couple of weeks. Residents are asked to avoid using the playground after school and on weekends while construction is underway.