Greyhound Friends Needs Your Support!

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Greyhound Friends began leasing the old kennel and land at 167 Saddle Hill Road, Hopkinton on May 1, 1987. Finances were slim and sporadic at the beginning. For several years I lived in the tiny office of the kennel. It was quite awful. But Greyhound Friends took hold, as people steadily adopted dogs and the word spread about these wonderful pets. A steady flow of funds, however, was and still is usually difficult to attain.

One particularly bleak winter day in the early '90s the phone had been shut off, the oil tank was on almost empty and I had to scrounge to buy the cheapest dog food. The snow was mountainous in the parking lot. I went out for coffee and came back to find $300 in $50's on the desk in the office. What an incredible feeling to be rescued - just in the nick of time - by some generous friend.

Now, many years and many dogs later, Greyhound Friends is again up against the wall financially. We have a tremendous staff, dedicated volunteers, and supportive board members. But the lack of "green energy" - money - is extreme. Expenses are mounting, due in part to increased transport and isolation costs for dogs coming in. We have been in the red all summer, and have cut back spending wherever possible. Still, when the young staffers working here for the summer leave for school, we won't be able to fill those positions; the insurance payment is due, the vet bills are looming, and the oil tank is almost empty, and FALL is going to be here any minute. Not a pretty picture.

Please think about all the terrific dogs that have come through our adoption kennel, and all the ones waiting. We will be there for them, but we need your help. PLEASE contribute now. Don't wait, because the dogs can't wait. Unlike that anonymous friend who rescued us with a handful of $50's over 20 years ago, you don't even have to come to the kennel. Just mail a check to 167 Saddle Hill Road in Hopkinton, or click here, and thank you!

To encourage donations this month, a group of generous donors have agreed to MATCH all August donations, dollar for dollar. Your gift - in any amount - will have twice the impact if you don't delay. Of course it's also tax-deductible. Your support is our lifeline; thank you from all of us and all the dogs we help.

From Louise Coleman,

Director and Founder of Greyhound Friends