HCAM News December and 2011 Top 5!

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It's the end of December and it's time once more for the top five HCAM News videos for the month of December. But since it's also the end of the year, we're also including the top five most popular videos for the year.

December Top 5

  • A Look Inside Water Fresh Farms, Click Here to watch.
  • Elmwood Meeting of the Eagles, Click Here to watch.
  • Caroling on the Common, Click Here to watch.
  • Responsive Classroom: A New Approach to Teaching, Click Here to watch.
  • Hopkinton Resident Celebrates 100 Years, Click Here to watch.

2011 Top 5

  • Paul Annunziata's '75 Plymouth Duster Moves to Jay Leno's Garage, Click Here to watch.
  • Pep Rally 2011 Now Available! Click Here to watch.
  • Meet Meredith Prunty, Click Here to watch.
  • Hillers Take Second Place in TVL Cheerleading Competition, Click Here to watch.
  • Channel 5 Chronicle Visits Snappy Dogs, Click Here to watch.

For the month of December, there were 5,820 visits and 3,045 unique visitors to the HCAM Website and 13,058 page views. For the 2011 year, there were a total of 72,502 visits, 31,991 unique visitors and 160,444 page views. The HCAM Facebook page is now at 700 "likes" and we hope to see that number continue to grow.

Thank you once again to all of our viewers. It's been a busy year for HCAM News and we're looking forward to continuing to keep Hopkinton up to date in the coming year. For the entire HCAM News team, I'd like to wish all of you a healthy and happy 2012 and hope you will continue to tune in to HCAM News for local coverage of Hopkinton.