Special Town Meeting Updates 2-11-2019

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View town meeting on HCAM (Comcast Channel 8, Verizon Channel 30) or online here:.

Article 1 - Unpaid Bills from Previous Fiscal years - Passed Standing Vote 158-3

Article 2 - Supplemental Appropriation for Repair of Lake Maspenock Dam - Passed Unanimously
$140,000 for Dam Repair

Article 3 - Supplemental Appropriation for Fire Communication System - Passed Unanimously
$57,750 for Fire Communication System.

Article 4 - Approval for Tax Increment Financing Agreement - Lykan Bioscience, LLC. - Passes Majority
-Lykan Bioscience LLC. promised at least 125 Full Time Jobs
-$12 Million project investment
-TIF agreement provides for Real Estate Tax emeptions and personal property tax exemptions,

Article 5 - School Department Mitigation Fund, - Passes Majority (No Action)
-Selectmen, School Committee recommends No Action

Article 6 - School Department Stabilization Fund. - Passes Majority (No Action)
-Selectmen recommends No Action