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Editorial: Endorsing John Coutinho for Select Board

By contributor,

I agree with the letters and opinions of other former Select Board members who served with John Coutinho and have firsthand knowledge of his integrity and dedication to the citizens and employees of Hopkinton.

Over the last 10 years, no one has volunteered more of their time for Hopkinton than John. Period.

The Town’s forward inertia has slowed over the last 2 years. While National issues are of concern to us all, we elect neighbors to this Board to act locally to make Hopkinton a better, safer, more desirable place to live. Hopkinton’s Select Board is not the voice of moral authority for the community and they should not conduct themselves as though they are. It deeply disturbs me to see letters from Board members who don’t seem focused on Hopkinton and who too easily launch into a defensive stance when discussing employee turnover or lack of progress. When obvious shortcomings come to light, it’s easy to tell people about the challenges – it takes leaders to step up and admit some honest introspection is in order – “maybe we could have done more…” More to retain top employees, more to move Hopkinton forward. Leaders don’t accept things being too difficult – they dig in and find ways to persevere.

No reasonable person expects perfection from our volunteers. The current Board, and those before them, have sacrificed time and energy to do what they think is right for the Town, and what they’re capable of executing. Now it’s going to take a “doer” like John to help the Town regain positive momentum.

Monday, May 16 is Election Day. It’s the 1 day of the year when voters can, through action, declare “We think the Board can do better!”. It’s what’s needed for our entire community – Schools & Public Safety, children & seniors, townspeople & employees.

Please join me and vote for John Coutinho for Select Board.

Todd Cestari
19 Elizabeth Road

**This article was written by a group or person in the Hopkinton Community and does not reflect the views of HCAM or any of their Board Members or Employees.**