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The Hopkinton Planner

Thanks for helping connect your organization with our community through the Hopkinton Planner!

Below are instructions on how to use this powerful online calendar. Check it out, and contact Jim with any questions.

When you visit the Hopkinton Planner, look at the right hand of the screen to see the word Login on the menu bar (noted here by the yellow oval).

Click the Login link to input your username and password.

Once you are logged in, you will see your organization's name on the right-hand of the menu bar and also centered under the current month.

You are now ready to add a new event!

Notice that along the top menu bar are options you can use to adjust how you view your calendar, a search feature, and more.

To update or change your email address and password. click on Settings, then My Profile

To add an event, locate the day of your event and click on the + sign located in the upper right-hand corner.

This is going to bring up the Add Entry (event) page.

On this page, input the following:

Brief Description (up to 80 characters that are displayed on the calendar page).

Full Description which is shown in a pop-up when a viewer mouses over the entry or clicks on the event.

The Date should be set, and you can change Untimed event to whatever the start and stop times of your event are.


Once your information is set, if you want HCAM to add this info to our Community Bulletin Board, you must click on the Participants tab on
this page.

You will see Public Access, and your organization's
name, already highlighted.

Public Access highlighted means this event will appear on the calendar which the public views.

Your organization highlighted means that you will receive an email confirmation of your event.

if you highlight BULLETIN BOARD, an email will be sent to HCAM, alerting us to include your message on the Community Bulletin Board.

To highlight BULLETIN BOARD, simply press and hold the Ctrl key while you click on BULLETIN BOARD. Make sure all that you wish highlighted, are highlighted, before you click Save.