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Hopkinton Shares Documents Concerning the Town's Review and Interactions with Eversource LNG Facility

By contributor,
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Town Manager Norman Khumalo wishes to share documents concerning the Town's review and interactions with Eversource LNG Facility. These documents are being shared with the public to highlight the town's involvement with the Eversource LNG Facility. Hopkinton has an extensive history of involvement in matters concerning the LNG Plant, and continues to have ongoing substantive work concerning the LNG Plant. You can read a summary letter from Hopkinton's Town Counsel, as well as access the documents here.

Much of the Town’s ongoing work is not reflected in any documents. The public should

be aware that:

Town staff, including the Fire Chief, are regularly involved in emergency response planning for this LNG Facility. This includes but is not limited to the Fire Chief’s involvement in creating an Emergency Response Guide for the LNG Facility and

in related training.

The Town has engaged an independent LNG safety consultant to advise this Office and Town staff on all matters of LNG safety associated with the LNG Plant.

Hopkinton’s Town Counsel Office and/or Town staff, including the Director of Municipal Inspection, Principal Planner, and Conservation Agent, review and analyze all permits and other applications to Town Departments or to State agencies.

Town staff, including the Director of Municipal Inspections, continue to monitor construction at the LNG Plant related to completion of the liquefier project.

Hopkinton’s Town Counsel Office regularly reviews and evaluates the need for Town involvement in Department of Public Utilities (DPU) proceedings related to this LNG Facility.

Hopkinton’s Town Counsel Office and Town staff have, at various times, engaged Eversource in discussions concerning the LNG Facility’s impact. This includes a meeting several years ago with the DPU’s Chief of Staff and Pipeline Safety Division concerning such issues, including a thermal anomaly detected in Tank B.

Hopkinton’s Town Counsel Office and Town staff have, from time to time, investigated public complaints about events at the LNG Plant.