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Hopkinton Coffee Break

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Hopkinton Coffee Break Friday, 8:00 PM Monday, 10:30 AM Wednesday, 10:30 AM Wednesday, 9:00 PM

The Hopkinton Coffee Break program emerged from a Facebook page created a few years ago for local friends and neighbors interested in local news and activities.

The Hopkinton Coffee Break takes the Facebook page to HCAM-TV where RHoH founder Patricia Duarte, her neighbor Connie Wright and RHoH fan and mastermind of Coffee Break, Darlene Hayes gather for coffee, goodwill and light conversation.

Real Housewives of Hopkinton" is obviously a play on words of the reality TV shows and that's where the resemblance ends. RHoH is a group of grounded, talented, nice women who share a common place. Married or unmarried, we are the female head of our households and enjoy the company and camaraderie as mothers and professionals. The purpose of the page is to engage, inform and support interests. All are welcome. Members are free to invite whomever they choose.
"Occasionally we get together for wine and noshing. No schedule - anyone can initiate a social event anytime.

Guests on the show are selected by program hosts but we are open to to all the diverse interests of the women of Hopkinton.

In addition to our schedule on HCAM-TV (top of page), our programs are streaming below, and you can visit our facebook page. Thanks for watching, and we welcome your comments!

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