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Attention All Organizations Who Wish to Participate in Hopkinton Family Day

By contributor,

Hello again to those of you who previously participated in the Hopkinton Family Day event and to some new groups we have included in this notice. This year Family Day is on Sept. 14th starting at 3 pm. We had a great response last year and we hope to hear from you by June 15. Please respond by filling out and returning the attached Sign up form. I am including a few reminders and also a list of last year activities.

View Sign up Form and Activities at the Following Link:

All organizations:
· Must be located in Hopkinton
· Must provide an activity
· Must submit a sign-up form
· Can promote themselves through signs, flyers, etc.
· Cannot collect personal information from attendees
· Cannot sell anything, do fundraising, or solicit donations

Again, we know your activities will encourage and support Town spirit, enthusiasm, and pride. We look forward to hearing from you and planning another successful Family Day!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Ann Click
Friends of Hopkinton President