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Board of Appeals Hears Verizon, Hopkinton Mews

By Kelsey Simonson, Staff Producer

The Board of Appeals approved two variances last night to allow Verizon to install a new generator at the back of 35 Hayden Rowe Street.

A Verizon representative assured the board that the sound would be no louder than "a car passing by", adding that although the new generator will be bigger than the existing one, the extra room is to stifle the noise. Another representative added that newer, larger fans would be installed, ensuring a lower rpm and less noise. A number of citizens voiced their concerns over the construction of the new generator. Some stated their concern for their property values, worrying that the new generator would be an eyesore in their backyard. The board stated later that Verizon would be required to put shrubbery of at least eight feet around the unit to help conceal it, and they also suggested that Verizon post a customer service number on the front of the generator for concerned residents.

The Board of Appeals also heard from Debbie Horwitz, the legal representation for the Hopkinton Mews project. At this meeting, civil engineers and traffic analysts met with the board to give estimates for the impact the development would have on traffic.

Engineers stated that the development would have a minimal impact on traffic. Using a scale of A-F, the analysts predicted that traffic would, at worst, fall to a D in only 2 of the directions analyzed. They proposed measures to alleviate any traffic pressure, including removing an island at West Main Street and creating a left-turn only lane.

The Board commended the analysts for their thorough work and extensive projections about the future of this development.

The hearing for the 68 East Main Street property was pushed back to July 9th.