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DPW Preparing For Road Maintenance

By contributor,

As we approach the start of our roadway resurfacing season I would like to thank the residents of Hopkinton for their continued support of our Pavement Management Program. We had a very successful 2013 season and hope to continue that in 2014 as funding allows. Each street that is on this year’s list has been inspected and evaluated to determine which treatment method is best based on its current condition. This will help ensure that we are maximizing the use of our Chapter 90 money in the most effective way.

Every year our goal is to begin Pavement Management work as soon as school ends in June and finish in September when school begins. Due to the inevitable weather related issues, mechanical breakdowns & scheduling conflicts it is difficult to hold to a strict time schedule. We will post updated construction dates as we move forward with each project.

Under the Town of Hopkinton’s Road Opening Permit Policy, No permit will be granted for a period of 5 years on newly paved streets except in the case of an emergency. If your street is on this year’s list and you are considering having any utility work done to your home that would require the road to be cut I would recommend contacting the appropriate utility company and schedule the work to be done before June 16thensure that you get the work you need done before we begin resurfacing that street.

Please visit our web page and click on 2014 Tentative Roadwork Schedule to view a complete list of planned Pavement Management work. You will notice that the date column is blank. This will be updated as we get closer to construction season; however an estimated time frame would be June 23rd

Once work begins on each project please expect delays and plan accordingly. The DPW appreciates your patience and cooperation during this 2014 construction season.


Mike Mansir

Highway Manager

– Sept 1st