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Great Schools - Managed Well: Frank Sivo

By contributor,

Great Schools - Managed Well

My name is Frank Sivo and I am running for one of two open seats on the Hopkinton School Committee. My desire is to help lead continuous improvement of our school system in a fiscally responsible way. If elected, I will be relentless in my support of great schools and will manage well our path forward.

Great Schools
Hopkinton has a strong school system that has improved greatly during my 20 years as a Hopkinton resident. It is consistently ranked in the top 10% of school districts in Massachusetts. However, there is still room for improvement.

Over the past few years, our schools' performance and statewide rankings have stopped advancing. In fact, in some areas there is a slight decline in performance as measured by MCAS, SAT, and AP exam results. We need School Committee members who are candid about the present state of affairs, bring fresh ideas for performance improvement, and drive us to reach higher goals in a cost-effective manner.

My professional career has been focused on defining a path to excellence and leading organizations on that journey. As a School Committee member, I will make full use of my management background to partner with the Administration and my School Committee peers to build and execute a vision that takes our schools to the next level. My number one goal will be to assure that every Hopkinton child is prepared for the challenges of the 21st century global economy.

Managed Well
In addition to inspiring higher district achievement, the School Committee must also manage well: budgets, personnel, and public relations. To support a clear vision and stretch goals, we must carefully construct budgets that reflect priorities that will be supported by the town, we must be very judicious in our hiring decisions, and we must be transparent in our communications with the community.

As a School Committee member, I will always focus on the quality of the decision, not on how a discussion or debate will be perceived on HCAM. I will work hard to restore public confidence in this critical part of our town's government.

For certain, I will be a strong advocate for our children. But advocacy must be balanced with critical oversight of the school district's operations and performance. I will be objective, independent, data-driven, and always focused on the district's most important needs.

Respectfully, I request your vote for School Committee on Monday, May 19th. With 25 years of management experience, I will strive to assure that Hopkinton has Great Schools and that they are Managed Well.

Frank Sivo