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Planning Board Reviews Hayden Woods

By Courtney Taylor, Master Control

The Planning Board reviewed the Hayden Woods plan for 215 Hayden Rowe Street during their meeting on March 24. Developer William Perkins was in attendance with attorney Joe Marquedant.

Hayden Woods is an 18 unit, two bedroom garden-style apartment complex located at 215 Hayden Rowe Street with a mix of duplexes and single family homes, with one unit being affordable. The buildings will be connected and there will be seven acres of open space on the site. A fence will surround some areas of the site near the wetlands, and landscaping will decorate the site with trees being used to make each unit look like an individual unit.

During the previous meeting with the Board on February 24, it was suggested that a storm water basin close to the development be moved back 20 feet into the wetland buffer zone. The basin was moved on the plan with the change approved by the Conservation Commission, and the size has increased which allows for a larger storm water volume and greater rate of flow. The basin will also be fenced in and screened and will be six feet deep instead of eight feet deep as originally proposed. Water in the basin will dissipate into the ground around the basin within 72 hours of any water collected in it, and any overflow will be released into a spillway.

The Design Review Board was in favor of having a pergola connect each unit, but the original plan contained a mudroom in place of a pergola. The Planning Board and Building Inspector Chuck Kadlik are in favor of the mudroom, which will be included in the final plan.

The site plan has already been approved by the Planning Board. Perkins estimates that the infrastructure for the site will be completed within 9-12 months.