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Representative Dykema Calls for Increased Funding to Cities and Towns for Water Infrastructure

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Representative Carolyn Dykema testified before the Joint Committee on the Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture yesterday calling for more funding to be allocated to cities and towns for water infrastructure investment. The hearing was focused on the Environment Bond Bill which is a five-year blueprint for investing in environmental assets across the Commonwealth.

“Water has been deferred to another day, but today is another day,” said Representative Dykema. “A conservative estimate of $200m per year over the next 20 years is needed to restore our water systems to a state of good repair. Now is the time to invest in this crucial yet often forgotten infrastructure that is fundamental to the prosperity of our cities and towns.”

Representative Dykema co-chaired the Water Infrastructure Finance Commission (WIFC) with Sen Jamie Eldridge (D-Acton) that was charged with developing a comprehensive, long-range water infrastructure finance plan for the commonwealth and its municipalities. The final report is available online here.

“Investing in water infrastructure is an investment in our public health, quality of life, environment and economic well being—it’s an investment in our future,” said Dykema.

During her remarks, Rep. Dykema highlighted the legislative package filed based on final recommendations of the Water Infrastructure Finance Commission including initiatives to encourage best practices, long-term planning and regional collaboration.

The Committee will consider all testimony and report out a final bill for consideration and debate by the legislature.
Photo credit: Erica Mattison, Environmental League of Massachusetts