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Statement from School Committee Candidate Lori Nickerson

By contributor,

My passion to give back to the Hopkinton community is what drives me to seek election to the School Committee. Yet, it is my specialized skills as a corporate attorney that makes me uniquely qualified for the position.

Over the past twelve years, my extensive analytical and problem-solving skills have made me a go-to resource for both the executive teams and board of directors of the publicly traded companies I support. In this position, I have a fiduciary responsibility to manage the legal risks and financial exposure of the company, while also protecting the investments of its stockholders. The specialized role of corporate counsel directly correlates with a School Committee member’s role: to advocate for enriched educational opportunities for all students, while equally ensuring taxpayer investment is protected from frivolous spending. My career success demonstrates my persistent approach of seeking answers to tough questions, evaluating an issue from every angle, requiring clear communication of the business justification and implementation plans, while always keeping in mind budget and resource constraints.

My primary goal is to ensure that the schools continue to make smart investments that deliver the most value in the classroom. In order to accomplish this goal, I will seek a thorough review of the budget. My analysis of the proposed expenditures would include rigorous questions requiring comprehensive answers, evaluation of proposals from all perspectives (e.g. students, parents, teachers and taxpayers), and confirmation of clear strategic initiatives justifying the expense, as well as verifying budget sustainability. I look forward to working with Dr. MacLeod, members of the School Committee, and the community to ensure that this level of analysis is given to every strategic initiative to ensure the town gets the most value for every tax dollar spent.
I respectfully request your vote at the Town Election on May 19th.

Lori Nickerson