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Video: Erin Mahoney talks "Girl Power" Program

By Tom Nappi, News Director

Erin Mahoney stated the beginning of the "Girl Power" program occurred after her 7 year old niece was bullied on the school bus. After the bullying continued to get worse, it got Erin thinking about how to make young girls going through similar situations feel empowered and confident enough to stand up to bullying. "I think we do a great job in schools talking about bullying, but I don't know if we give kid enough tools to handle it." Erin's motivation for a program came when she found a t-shirt that stated "I am not a tomboy, I am an athlete" that when her niece wore the shirt to school, the bullying stopped. "Erin combines life skills, fitness, positive thinking, creativity and fun into her program which reinforces her message to each girl that they can Be Strong, Be Smart, Be Amazing!"

"Girl Power is a 4, 6 or 8-week program designed for grades 1-8. The program combines age-appropriate fitness and life skills with confidence building exercises that are fun and thought provoking. We cover everything from teaching young girls that they have very real power in spite of their young age to moving throught middle school for tweens and beyond!"

In the below phone interview with HCAM News, Erin talked about the motivation behind the "Girl Power" program and how it works. You can also view more on the Girl Power Go website.