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Successful Vets Breakfast on 7 April 2023

By contributor,
Vets Breakfast 4-7-2023

Military events of April 7th (the date of the recent Veterans Breakfast) were examined by a full-house of local veterans at the monthly Senior Center breakfast. The attached photo, below, highlights several of those who were in attendance. L to R: guest, military veteran, with an image of "Near Beer" which was enacted by law in 1933 by FDR. Older veterans recall this fare at military facilities; Jim Rose, retired USAF with a photo of the Shiloh (Tenn.) cemetery where more than 9000 Americans perished in 1862 during a two-day battle; Peter C. Redding, US Army , with a 1942 image of the Manzanar Relocation Camp in California which was among ten similar camps housing Japanese-Americans who were sequestered from the general population during the early phase of WW II; Bob Letendre, US Army, displaying captives -- mostly young girls and their caretakers -- awaiting transportation to Auschwitz to meet their fate in 1944; Jeff Macmillan, USN, with the explosion leading to the sinking of Japanese battleship Yamato in 1945 by torpedoes from the USS Yorktown (CV-5); and, William Muench, USN, with a characterization of the "Domino Theory" coined by President Eisenhower in 1954.

The sailor on "guard duty" in the center of the main photo is USN Commander Thomas William Entwistle, Jr., a pilot from Hopkinton who served during the Viet Nam conflict.