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Town of Hopkinton Celebrates 100 Years of Boston Marathon Starts

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26.2 Foundation and Hopkinton Center for the Arts
Recognize Town’s Unique Marathon Connection through Art and Events

Hopkinton, MA, March 26, 2024 – The 26.2 Foundation and the Hopkinton Center for the Arts (HCA) have joined forces to spotlight the town of Hopkinton’s centennial celebration as the start of the world’s oldest, continuous marathon. April 15th marks the 100th time that this famous race has started in town; prior to 1924, the starting line was located in the neighboring town of Ashland.

Planned events will include a ‘Winged Foot’ art installation by 26 different artists, on Hopkinton’s town common, and feature an auction of the pieces with proceeds to the 26.2 Foundation and the HCA. The inspiration for this exhibit came after 26.2 Foundation president Tim Kilduff and HCA executive director Kelly Grill each viewed Chatham, MA’s ‘Art in the Park’ exhibit during separate visits to Cape Cod.

Other highlights include a Marathon mural by artist Faith Sycaoyao, entitled ‘Aeolian Step and the Flight of Victory.’ It will be installed outside at the Hopkinton Town Library.

The HCA will also conduct the ‘stART Line Experience’— a self-guided art and education tour of the Marathon legend sculptures in Hopkinton. All Marathon-related exhibits and installations will be available for viewing from April 1 to April 21. These collaborative efforts serve as joint fundraisers for the HCA and the 26.2 Foundation.

“In terms of the Boston Marathon, 100 starts in Hopkinton is a very significant happening,” 26.2 Foundation president Tim Kilduff said in a recent interview. “The Boston Marathon is the oldest consecutive marathon in the world; no one is even close.”

“This is not only an opportunity to honor and celebrate this historic milestone,” Kilduff added, “but these activities are also sure to spark a renewed sense of energy, creativity and community for the future starts in Hopkinton."

HCA Executive Director Kelly Grill said, "We’re so impressed with the level of artistic talent among the winged-foot artists, as well as their geographic reach -- we’re seeing artists from as far away as New York and Texas participating. We’re excited to celebrate 100 starts from Hopkinton. As Richard Johnson, curator of the New England Sports Museum said, ‘You really haven't been to Boston until you’ve started in Hopkinton.’"

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