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Local Veterinarian Raises Money by Showing More

By Michelle Murdock, Freelance Writer

You may be familiar with Dr. Margo Roman of Main Street Animal Services (MASH) in Hopkinton, but do you know Dr. DoMore? Dr. DoMore for animal healing is a series of DVD documentaries and other educational services designed to bring alternative and integrative methods used in veterinary medical treatment to mainstream veterinary medical care. It’s the brainchild of Margo Roman, DVM, and was developed with the help of film producer, Simone Hnilicka, who is also a client of MASH with an interest in alternative and integrative therapies for herself and her pets.

“Dr. DoMore is a concept of including all aspects of veterinary medicine, all parts of integrative medicine,” said Roman, “and its goal is to educate.”

Over 150 veterinarians from all over the world are part of Dr. DoMore and have contributed to it with their interviews on integrative medicine as part of the bigger picture of education and outreach.

“It’s not a local effort, but we’re the locals doing it,” said Roman. “We’re trying to educate our community about integrative medicine.”

And in the process, Roman and the other veterinarians of Dr. DoMore have created the Dr. ShowMore 2011 Calendar. The calendar celebrates the 250 year history of the profession of veterinary medicine. It’s a take off on the movie “The Calendar Girls” and shows veterinarians “au naturel” with some of their animal patients, but it’s tastefully done with only a sense of nudity.

“The calendar is fun,” said Roman. “The idea was to take the educational aspect of the integrative medicine, put it in something fun and clever, so it draws people to read the information that is on those pages.”

Each month of the calendar features a veterinary doctor and demonstrates a different modality or procedure. Dr. Roman is featured during the month of April, treating a dog with acupuncture. Proceeds from the sale of the calendar will help support the educational documentaries that are produced by Dr. DoMore and will also fund scholarships for students studying integrative veterinary medicine.

The Dr. ShowMore Calendar 2011 is available at several locations in Hopkinton. In addition to MASH at 72 West Main Street, calendars are also available for purchase at Ciao Time Catering, Hopkinton Chiropractic, Especially for Pets in Westborough and a boutique at the Natick Mall.

There will be calendar signing held at Tatnuck Booksellers in the Westborough Shopping Center located at Route 9 and Lyman Street in Westborough on Saturday, December 18 from 12noon until 2p.m. Calendars may also be purchased on-line at

Watch the HCAM News video below to hear Dr. Roman tallk about Dr. DoMore and the Dr. ShowMore Calendar.

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