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The Votes are in for the 2024 Town Election and Hopkinton has spoken with nearly double the voters from last year!

By Tom Nappi, News Director
election 2024

It was a great election day for the Town of Hopkinton. Voter turnout at-least (or slightly more) than doubled from last year and nearly 20% of all registered voters in Hopkinton had their voices heard!

Our friends at had several in-depth updates about the Hopkinton town election results throughout the day and it is a great-read filled with riveting facts and stats (especially if Hopkinton voter-trends intrigue you), view here! If you are one of the many residents who wished for more voices in the community to be heard during election season, you got your wish this year! talked with Town Clerk, Connor Degan; "There are just over 13,000 registered voters in Hopkinton. Degan remarked that “22% of voters would be considered a large turnout”. So anything north of 2,860 voters is considered a success."

The Select Board race was for two open-seats and there were 5,451 votes cast for the 4 candidates combined (not counting blank or write-in for other candidates), using a nearly flawless baseball batting-average type formula :) would mean on average, 2,725 individuals cast votes for 2 of the 4 Select Board candidates. 2,548 votes were cast in last-years lone contested race for 2 open-seats on the School Committee equaling an average of 1,274 individuals voting for the maximum of 2 candidates. Based on this formula, 1,451 MORE Hopkinton voters actively voted in this years lone-contested Town Election race than last year. This is a 53% increase in voter participation! I tried to add up the voter increase in many various ways and this is one example but with every result I came up with, the amount of Hopkinton residents who wanted their voices heard essentially (or slightly more than) DOUBLED! On that note, I say AWESOME job getting your voices heard Hopkinton and keep up the great work!

In addition to the contested Select Board race, there were 8 questions on the ballot and the majority of the votes were very competitive. You can view the full UN-OFFICIAL results below. We will post the certified OFFICIAL results when they are released.

View Monday's Town Election results broadcast below!