Candidate Statement: Jared Pray for School Committee

By contributor,
Jared Pray

My name is Jared Pray and I am running for the 1-year seat on the School Committee. I have lived in Hopkinton for 17 years with my wife, Jessica and three children (a 1st grader, a 4th grader, and a future member of the class of 2038). I have a vested interest in maintaining our excellent school system, but also ensuring that we actively work to improve, rather than merely maintaining the status quo.

For the past two years, we have asked the children of this district to disproportionally shoulder the weight of Covid restrictions. For the next year, we must help our children gain what they have lost academically, while also improving where we have fallen short. This is not the time for the school committee to sit back and take a breath – there is too much too accomplish. Specifically:

1. Investment by the community has made this a top-10 district in MA. The next school committee must commit to maintaining the current standard of excellence in the face of financial headwinds. We should also be exploring where we can continue to improve. Doing more to support all kinds of learners, including students with learning disabilities and special needs as well as the needs of advanced learners is a great place to begin.

2. With the recent and projected enrollment growth, we must plan for future space needs. While a replacement for Elmwood is the biggest near-term need, we must also continue to work towards the proposed long-term master plan.

3. We must be more diligent in our work to ensure that our schools are a safe, positive environment for each and every student.

In addition to a passion for the education of our children, I am bringing a business mindset, problem-solving experience, the perspective of working parents with young children to this role, and uniquely on this next school committee, that of a father. With my background and experience along with a passion for excellence in this school district, I ask you to vote for Jared Pray for School Committee on May 16th.