District Attorney Rob Galibois to Illuminate Veterans' Issues at the Inspirational Breakfast4Vets Event

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The Massachusetts Military Support Foundation (MMSF) is thrilled to announce District Attorney Rob Galibois as the keynote speaker at the upcoming annual Breakfast4Vets event on November 10, 2023. This is a particularly poignant announcement following the recent partnership between MMSF and the esteemed Nicholas G. Xiarhos Memorial Fund, amplifying their commitment to honor and support our nation's heroes.

The Nicholas G. Xiarhos Memorial Fund, established in 2009, honors Corporal Nicholas G. Xiarhos, a courageous United States Marine who paid the ultimate price in service of his country. This fund actively assists local military families, wounded warriors, deployed military personnel, and champions other worthwhile causes. Steven G. Xiarhos, Nicholas' father, spoke of his son's legacy, “Nick's life was purposeful. He wanted to serve his country and make the world a better place. We created this memorial fund to perpetuate his dream."

This impactful alliance between MMSF and the Nicholas G. Xiarhos Memorial Fund will be brought into sharp focus at the Breakfast4Vets event, which serves as a platform for meaningful change. To add more depth to this year's gathering, District Attorney Rob Galibois will lend his authoritative voice to the cause, underscoring the pressing issue of housing instability among veterans and stimulating action to address their needs.

The event will showcase the transformative Emergency Housing 4 Veterans (EH4V) program, an initiative that offers transitional and permanent housing solutions for veterans in need. By sharing these powerful narratives and amplifying the voices of veterans, the Breakfast4Vets event aims to incite tangible change.

Beginning in December, MMSF will be extending Breakfast4Vets into a monthly event, deepening its commitment to fostering a dialogue around veterans' needs and striving to effect change on a broader scale.

MMSF and the Nicholas G. Xiarhos Memorial Fund invite everyone to join them at this pivotal event. By attending, you will be participating in a movement dedicated to ensuring that every veteran has a secure place to call home. Every act of support, be it through donation, sponsorship, or volunteering, brings us one step closer to accomplishing this vital goal.

For additional information, media inquiries about Breakfast4Vets or to schedule an interview, please contact Dawn Roche at (508) 737-0086 or dawnroche@mmsfi.org. For sponsorship information, to buy tickets, or to donate please visit mmsfi.org and click on "Veterans Day Breakfast4Vets."

Join us in building bridges, strengthening communities, and championing the needs of our brave veterans - one breakfast at a time.

About Massachusetts Military Support Foundation: The Massachusetts Military Support Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing crucial support to veterans and active-duty military personnel in need. Services include housing assistance, food programs, and counseling services.

About Nicholas G. Xiarhos Memorial Fund: The Nicholas G. Xiarhos Memorial Fund was established in 2009 to honor Corporal Nicholas G. Xiarhos and supports local military families, wounded warriors, deployed military personnel, and other significant causes.