Hopkinton Republican Town Committee endorses Loring Barnes for State Representative

By contributor,
Hop Town Rep Comm

The Hopkinton RTC endorses Loring Barnes for the 8th Middlesex District State Representative. We believe there are several critical issues that need to be addressed by our state government. We endorse Loring as an experienced public servant who is a highly qualified candidate to provide a moderate voice to work on sensible solutions to these issues.

· Balance in our State Government – We believe Loring will be a moderate and independent voice on issues that affect us at a local level. She is not tied to the Democratic establishment on Beacon Hill and will not be strongarmed by either the “Super Majority” or the leadership of the many unions that too often place their own agenda ahead of what is best for constituents.

· Education fundamentals for our children and grandchildren - We believe a focus on the core principles of education is critical to the educational development of our children. As our children enter adulthood, as responsible citizens, we should be ensuring they are prepared for post high school education or entering the workforce with the skills needed to lead independent, productive lives.

· Fiscal Restraint on Beacon Hill – Too many unfunded mandates are pushed down to our local towns without an appropriate level of “due diligence” exercised on Beacon Hill. We believe Loring will be a strong voice to ensure an independent perspective provides an alternative to “group think” of more mandates and taxes.

For these and many more reasons the Hopkinton RTC urges all voters to fully understand the choices available this voting cycle and consider a more balanced approach to our state government. We believe Loring Barnes is our best choice moving forward.

Jim Mirabile
Chair - Hopkinton RTC