Bielat in Hopkinton - Addresses Republican Town Committee and Visits Polyarts

By contributor,

Sean Bielat started off his Saturday with stops at the Hopkinton Polyarts Festival and spoke at the Hopkinton Republican Town Committee (RTC). The businessman and candidate for Congress was also accompanied by Marty Lamb who is running for state representative.

"Hopkinton always provides great support and enthusiasm," said Sean Bielat. "I'm thankful for the support that the Hopkinton RTC has given the campaign."

After the morning meeting, Bielat, Lamb and the Hopkinton RTC attended the Hopkinton Polyarts Festival along with volunteers from the Bielat for Congress campaign. During his visit, Bielat met with Boy Scout Troop 1 and other residents from the community.

"I'm impressed to see the dedication and commitment to the Polyarts Festival," continued Bielat. "It takes a lot of hard work to organize events like this, and to celebrate 38 years is quite an accomplishment."

Sean Bielat is a businessman, family man and serves in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve. He currently runs, an online start-up. Prior to his 2010 campaign against Barney Frank, Sean led a $100 million defense robotics program at iRobot Corporation. The son of a teacher and a veteran, Sean grew up in a middle class family and worked his way through college and graduate school with the help of the GI Bill, scholarships and student loans. Sean holds an MBA from Wharton and degrees from Harvard University and Georgetown University. Sean and his wife, Hope, met in graduate school at Harvard and have been married for six years. They live in Norfolk with their toddler son, Theo, infant daughter, Seraphina, and rescue cat, Coolidge.

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