Hopkinton High School Diversity Club and More.. On the October 7th edition of the Hangout Hour!

By Tom Nappi, News Director

Join Jim Cozzens tonight (Oct 7th) at 7pm on the Hangout Hour. He'll be speaking with a mentor and former members of the Hopkinton High School Diversity Club will be on to talk about how the club started, what events and activities they have sponsored, and their hopes for the future.

Also, we will have a segment about the current state of bird migration in Mass. and what to be looking for through the winter months.

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Tune in on HCAM-TV (Comcast: Channel 8, Verizon Channel 30) or at our YouTube page and now also our Facebook page!

We have switched up our schedule! The Hangout Hour will now take place Mondays at 2pm and Wednesdays at 7pm. We are also adding HCAM Sports Talk Live, Wednesday's at 3pm and HCAM News Live, Thursday's at 6:30pm.

This show has been created to connect our community during this difficult time, so come share your interests or tune in for some interesting conversation!