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Host Cheryl Perreault Talks About her Show "Wakeup and Smell the Poetry"

By Stephanie Kane, News Producer

Wake Up and Smell the Poetry is an original HCAM series produced by Hopkinton resident Cheryl Perreault which showcases the talents of spoken word artists such as poets, storytellers, and singers.

Perreault, a spoken word artist herself, was first approached to host a poetry reading nine years ago at a cafe in Natick.

Soon after, the show moved to Hopkinton at the HCAM Studio. And now in its seventh season, the monthly show attracts word artists from across the state, and boasts a live studio audience of upwards of 60 people. And Perreault loves the sense of community and sharing that this forum cultivates.

Every show is divided up into two sections, feature artists, who are pre-selected guests that typically work in the field, and then after, the floor is open to the public during the show's open mic segment.

Perreault selects the shows' featured guests based upon a particular theme or commonality that she wants to focus on. However, drawing on the sense of community that she feels so strongly about, she encourages everyone to at least get their feet wet and be a spectator during a show.

Wake Up and Smell the Poetry tapes in the HCAM studio on the third Saturday of every month. Full episodes of the show are currently airing on HCAM-TV. Check the program schedule for specific air dates and times. Episodes, as well as additional information about each show can also be viewed online.

To learn more about Wake Up and Smell the Poetry and to see excerpts from a recent show, watch the video below.

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