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HCAM News Re: Wake Up!

This series is for the merging of minds and souls of poets, musicians and other performing artists... as well as those simply coming to listen. We provide a forum for a variety of talented writers and performing artists to share their words and get people awakened and excited about the diversity of voices, perspectives and insights expressed through the art form of poetry, song and spoken word.

This program is offered jointly by myself a host/ producer and by HCAM Station Manager Jim Cozzens. Admission is free but there is a passing of the hat for the features. There are very talented poets and musicians on board for this coming season. You can sign up for reserved seating and open mic below. Open mic slots are limited and available on a first come first serve basis. (More info)

Cheryl Perreault


We Remember Them: In Memory of Iyawata Schneider and Peter Neuendorffer with Open Mic to Follow

On Saturday Morning December 16th we will end the 2017 season with a program paying tribute to our departed loved ones through contributions of poetry, story and song.

Our feature performances will be offered in memory of Peter Neuendorffer and Iyawata Schneider who both passed away a year ago in November.

Iyawata was a beloved poet and community member who passed away last year on November 21st. Her husband Norman Schneider and friend Hibiscus Rose will offer a feature of some of her poems , at times accompanied by music.
The visionary singer-songwriter Peter Neuendorffer passed away last year on November 22nd. He will be remembered in song and spoken word performance by his friends Steve Rapson and John Boehmer.
Following the feature program, open mic participants are invited to share a poem, story or song in memory of a departed loved one as an optional extension of this program.

Beginning in January we will start the new season of 2018 with an exciting new format offering two features each month and a few changes to shake up the open mic to follow. Stay tuned for details.

We hope to see you there.

Cheryl Perreault
host of Wake up and Smell the Poetry

Peter Neuendorffer
Singer-songwriter Peter Neuendorffer was born in 1946 in Newton, Massachusetts, grew up in Watertown and Wayland, and spent his adult life in Boston. He resided at Hale House on Clarendon Street in Boston from 2006. He was an active member of the First Church in Boston during that time. In the 90's and 2000's, he was a computer programmer, developing one of the first route-finding software applications for the Boston area transit system. In 2004, Peter was a finalist in the annual Loebner Prize contest in artificial intelligence (the Turing test). Peter was an active participant in the Boston Area music open mike night community. He played the piano and sang for himself and for others until the last and gave an inspired concert of his music at the First Church in Boston on May 22, 2016. Over the years, he released multiple CDs of his music, often creating the cover art himself.. Peter passed away on November 22, 2016 with friends and family close by, after a year-long struggle with cancer and multiple pneumonias.
His passages and songs will be performed by his good friends Steve Rapson and John Boehmer.
Iyawata Schneider
Iyawata Schneider was a poet of spirituality and the natural world. Born in 1942, a native of Gloversville, New York, she moved with family to Auburn, Maine as a child. When she graduated from high school she could not wait to go to the big city of Philadelphia. After graduation from University of Pennsylvania and Simmons College with degrees in political science and a Master's in Social Work, Iyawata's work after college first brought her to Maine and then to Fernald's Unis Shreiber Center in Massachusetts.
In her free time she was an avid Cannon Mountain Skier at the Living End Lodge, Bethlehem, New Hampshire and also spent many years sailing from Boston to Gloucester in a gaff-rigged sailboat. For years as a member of the Medway Historical Society, she also performed frequently as famous American historical women.
As the director of the Family Holistic Center in Medway for 10 years, she was active in the introduction and use of complementary healing practices as an educator and practitioner.
With roots in the Narragansett tribe, she was active in Native American communities in Massachusetts and Maine. She was a member of the Algonquin Medicine Society, the Wallomonuppoag Indian Council and the Dighton Intertribal Indian Council. Iyawata passed away peacefully on Monday, Nov. 21, 2016 following an extended illness at the home of a friend, with her husband and friends in attendance. In her later years of life she could not wait to get back to Maine where she spent many summers and she was able to spend her last three days there before she crossed over.
Her poetry will be performed by her beloved husband of 47 years, Norman Schneider and her dear friend Hibiscus Rose.

Upcoming programs:

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More Information on our program:
This venue welcomes participating artists from near and far as well as the general public who are interested in seeing this unique, monthly event honoring the art of poetry, song and spoken word. Admission is free and all are welcome. Most of our programs are available for viewing here.

Features Information:
Guest features for this program are selected based on their talent as both a writer and in their ability to deliver poetry, stories and songs as well as thematic content, diversity of style, audience appeal and genuine interest and ability to connect with the audience (both in studio and on air). We receive many inquiries regarding eligibility of feature spots and although most features are selected based on advance program topics and themes, interested applicants are welcome to email feature press kit and inquiries or to HCAM Studios, 77 Main Street, Hopkinton Ma 01748. (directions)

Open Mic Information:
HCAM Studios offers a supportive and professional setting for open mic where contributing writers and artists can share their words of poetry, song or story while being filmed before a live audience. There is a limited sign-up and a limit of four minutes per open mic contribution. Please bring material suitable for sharing on public television and sign a release form if you would like to be considered for inclusion on the televised program. Participants are encouraged to sign up in advance as open mic spots can be limited with attending audience ranging from 20-50 each month.

People come from near and far sharing poetry, spoken word and songs, some for the first time and some who are seasoned writers/performers. Regardless of experience, those who have performed at the open mic in the last three seasons have traditionally offered their best for this friendly and professional setting. This has resulted in a showcasing of a very special blend of impressive talents within each month's program so that most performances are included in either the monthly "Wake up..." series or the "All Open Mic" program.

If you are interested in reserving an open mic spot or simply in reserving a seat to watch as audience, please sign up above.