Board of Health Passes Plastic Bag Ban and Increases Tobacco Age

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On Monday Night, the Hopkinton Board of Health hosted two Public Hearings. The first public hearing was "to consider adoption of a reduction in Single-Use plastic check out bags." The regulation bans single-use plastic check-out bags at any retail or grocery store within the town of Hopkinton. After no protest at the Public Hearing, the Board of Health voted unanimously to pass the regulation. The Board of Health will be the enforcing authority to ensure that all retail and grocery store businesses within Hopkinton comply with the regulation. Fines will be administered for violations: ($100 for first violation. $200 for second violation, $300 for third violation). The regulation will go into affect January 1st, 2019.

The 2nd Board of Health Public Hearing discussed increasing the purchase age of smoking and tobacco products from 18 to 21. The proposed regulation also includes "non-tobacco nicotine delivery products" such as electronic cigarettes and nicotine vaporizers. Several residents spoke in favor of the proposed regulation and it was passed unanimously by the Board of Health. The proposal also adds all non-tobacco nicotine delivery products to current Tobacco regulation and laws in Hopkinton. The date the regulation will go into affect has not yet been made official but the Board of Health was in agreement that July 1st, 2018 is a potential date.

Be on the lookout for video from the Board of Health Public Hearing coming soon!