Friday Night Wake Up Call! 7pm May 22nd!

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Friday Night, May 22nd, 7:00-8:00 p.m.

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hosted by Cheryl Perreault

This Friday night guest features at Friday Night Wake-Up Call include singer-songwriter Carolyn Waters and author/educator and peace chaplain Dot Walsh.

The program will consist of two half- hour interviews offered in a Zoom/"house-concert" style setting where our guests will share samples from their writing & songs and talk about their lives, creative process and work in community before and during the time of pandemic/quarantine.

More information about the guest features below.

Hope that you can join this special livestream program!

Cheryl Perreault

About Our Guest Features:

Carolyn Waters

Carolyn Waters is a performing singing/songwriter who performs in and around Boston and along the east coast as a solo performer (and internationally as the lead singer in the Rusty Mikes Blues Band). Her style, described as “socially conscious soul”, reflects her deep connection and love for all things music as well as her commitment to use music and the arts as a tool to promote healing and positive social change. As a songwriter her original music not only looks to support and encourage, but also challenges people to actively examine and change the world in which they live.

Dot Walsh

Dot Walsh is an author, educator and peace chaplain. She has worked as former chaplain of The Peace Abbey in Sherborn, MA. and also worked in human service management, pastoral counseling, spiritual direction, outpatient treatment services, public speaking outreach, cable television host of "Oneness and Wellness" which addresses finding emotional balance and well-being in today's busy and turbulent world. She has released a book "Finding Light in the Darkness" based on 20 years of working in the Criminal Justice Correctional System. More recently, Dot has also worked as a hospice volunteer and produced a program with a local pastor about talking about facing fear in the times of COVID 19. She is working on a new book project about Walls.