Herr Represents Hopkinton At Interfaith Healing Service

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Dear Neighbors,

Earlier today I was honored to represent the citizens of Hopkinton at the Interfaith Healing Service at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston. People of all faiths gathered to remember those who lost their lives and to offer prayers for those injured by the senseless acts of violence on Patriots Day.

Throughout the service I was struck by the outpouring of love and compassion for the victims, and the resolve of each and every attendee to carry on with a renewed sense of commitment to community. The eloquent words spoken by clergy members, along with the beautiful music, inspired a city, a state, and a country to rise above the intermittent bouts with evil, and instead, focus on the positive aspects of our society that surround us daily.

Speaking last, President Obama said it best "In Hopkinton, runners laced up their shoes and set out on a 26.2-mile test of dedication and grit and the human spirit...... and this time next year on the third Monday in April, the world will return to this great American city to run harder than ever and to cheer even louder for the 118th Boston Marathon!"

Brian Herr