Hopkinton Health Department Assembles Team to Assess Potential Exposure to COVID-19

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Hopkinton, MA - (March 12, 2020) In an effort to mount a response to the Governor’s
Emergency Declaration due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus in Massachusetts, the Hopkinton
Health Department on Wednesday, March 11 assembled a team to begin a trace back and risk
assessment of potential exposures within the Town of Hopkinton.
Team members include Health Director Shaun McAuliffe and Public Health Nurse Kasey Mauro,
Hopkinton School Department nurses, Fire Chief Slaman, representatives of the Hopkinton Fire
Department, Chair of the Hopkinton Board of Health Lisa Whittemore, Superintendent Dr. Carol
Cavanaugh and Student Services.

At present, there are 6 confirmed cases in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 89
presumptive positive cases, 44 presumptive positive cases in Middlesex County and 2
presumptive positive cases in Hopkinton.

Tasks completed to date by the Health Department’s team of professionals include:
1. Completion of 75 individual trace backs,
2. Conferenced throughout the day with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health
(MDPH) and regional medical and public health stakeholders,
3. Established a call management center at the Health Department office,
4. Held meeting with public safety and first responders.
The team will continue its work as long as necessary.
The Health Department also conferenced with representatives from the Senior Center, The
Communities at Golden Pond, several of the town’s day care facilities and the food pantry to
review best management practices, identify potential operational risks, and assess whether the
resources supporting our most vulnerable residents were adequately resourced.
“As the MDPH and its partners increase the analytical capacity in the Commonwealth we
acknowledge that more confirmed and presumptive cases are likely to be identified,” said Health
Director Shaun McAuliffe. “As we and our regional partners expand our traceback efforts, we
also acknowledge that some residents will be asked to self-monitor, self-isolate or quarantine.
The Hopkinton Health Department will assist you through the process. We are also here to
address any questions and concerns that you may have.”
Please contact the Hopkinton Health Department at (508) 497-9725. Please acknowledge that
the call volume is high, but we are making every effort to respond to your calls.
If you have cause to contact Public Safety for an emergency, and have concerns that you or
your loved one may have had a COVID-19 exposure, please communicate that to our
dispatchers so that they can affect a safe medical transport that is protective of the patient, the
first responders, and the medical personnel at the hospital.
The Hopkinton Health Department and Public Safety Officials appreciate and value your support
during this time.

The Hopkinton Health Department