Hopkinton Students Move to Finals in National PTA Reflections Program

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In Swansea, MA on Sunday, April 10th, students from schools across Massachusetts were honored for placing at the state level of the National Reflections Program competition. Eleven Hopkinton students placed at the state level and received awards for arts excellence and achievement through the National PTA Reflections Program.* Of Hopkinton's 11 state winners (12 entries), 5 students placed first in their categories: Helen Goa, Melanie Cole, Jesse Chambers, Zachary Ritterbusch and Mirabella Paolucci (2 entries).

These five, First Place State Winners move onto the National Level of competition. It's the first year Hopkinton has had this many students competing at the National, final level of competition. It's a wonderful achievement for these students! We are very proud of all our State Winners and excited for our students competing at Nationals. The National results should be available by the end of May. We wish them the best of luck during this competition.

Reflections is a national, arts-based program that encourages students to express their creativity across a theme and through a variety of venues. This years' theme was "Together We Can." The program competition begins at the local level with winners moving onto state and then the final, national level.

Center School State Winners
Visual Arts: Primary Division
1st Place: Melanie Cole*

Literature: Primary Division
3rd Place: Sean Walker

Music: Primary Division
3rd Place: Bridget Walker

Elmwood School State Winners
Literature: Primary Division
1st Place: Mirabella Paolucci*
2nd Place: Vivek Dattar

Visual Arts: Primary Division
Honorable Mention: Jack Brady

Photography: Primary Division
1st Place: Mirabella Paolucci*

Film: Primary Division
1st Place: Jesse Chambers*

Hopkins School State Winner
Film: Intermediate Division
1st Place: Zachary Ritterbusch*

Middle School State Winner
Visual Arts: Middle Division
3rd Place: Sean Kelly

High School State Winners
Visual Arts: Sr. Division
First Place: Helen Goa*

Literature: Sr. Division
3rd Place: Evan Katz