Invitational Entries for Boston Marathon Now Available from 26.2 Foundation

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An International Marathon Center in Hopkinton Comes One Step Closer to Reality

Promising major developments in both the marathon profile of Hopkinton and the international recognition of distance running, the 26.2 Foundation today announced that it has been named a Community Partner of the Boston Athletic Association (BAA), and that its selection will allow the Foundation to significantly increase the number of invitational entries available for its ‘Team Inspire’ runners. Registration opens today for the Foundation's 2020 Boston Marathon team (details below).

The partnership and additional bibs are the result of close cooperation built over the last two years between the town of Hopkinton, the BAA and the Foundation, an alliance spearheaded by Select Board member John Coutinho.

In return for an invitational entry, Team Inspire runners will be asked to donate or fund-raise $10,000 -- the amount at which the BAA values each bib. Proceeds from the fundraising will be dedicated to the Foundation’s signature project, the development and construction of an International Marathon Center (IMC) in Hopkinton, Massachusetts.

As envisioned by the Foundation and the town, IMC plans (drawings above) call for the building of a complex that includes a marathon museum, hall of fame, exhibition galleries, state-of-the-art conference and educational facilities, and research space.

A 15-acre site on East Main Street in Hopkinton, located between the Boston Marathon starting line and the one-mile mark, is a possible location for the center, and an RFP has been issued by the town for its development.

"The IMC will connect the global marathon community and promote the sport's values in a way that has never been seen before," said Tim Kilduff, president of the 26.2 Foundation. "The significance of the BAA's gift is enormous, and we are deeply grateful."

Team Inspire runners whose applications are accepted will be offered a special program of services to assist in their training and preparation for the Boston Marathon. Application forms and additional information about registration are available from Stephanie Whelan at [email protected].

For more information about the International Marathon Center and the 26.2 Foundation, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit, visit