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John Coutinho of David Joseph Road announced today that he is seeking a position on the Board of Selectmen in the May elections.

“I am running for the Board of Selectmen because this is a critical time for Hopkinton given the decisions to be made during the continued rollout of the Legacy Farm project and the negotiations that will be needed for The Mews, Crossroads and the Marathon Center projects” stated Mr. Coutinho. “I would like to use my experience as Chair of ZAC and Vice Chair of the Planning Board to build a consensus on the best approach for dealing with issues that will come before the Board of Selectmen. We need to work together, be consistent and to lower the tax burden on the homeowner by increasing the commercial tax base of the community.”

The one constant in Hopkinton is change. Hopkinton is struggling to maintain the character and reasonable taxes that attracted us all to the town. Providing the additional services needed by our growing population and the current economic environment makes it especially difficult to keep the town affordable. How we strategically plan for the continued development of Hopkinton is the key to our town’s financial future.”

John Coutinho has served as Chair on the Zoning Advisory Committee for several years, he also the Vice Chair of the Planning Board and serves on other various sub-committees when needed. He and his family moved to Hopkinton in 1999.

John has two daughters and is an active volunteer for many school related projects including judging the local science fair, Destination Imagination, and mentoring Hopkinton High School’s students in the Boston University Robot competition. He was also very active at The Elmwood School in reading, art and donating capital equipment.

John graduated from The University of Bridgeport’s school of Engineering with a BS in Industrial Design Engineering; his professional career has included the design and development many medical, consumer and industrial products.

John’s wife, Brenda, is an Obstetrician / Gynecologist at Milford Regional Hospital and is accepting new patients in town here at her office at 77 West Main Street. John’s sister Cissy Coutinho had been a long time member of the Hopkinton School System based out of the Elmwood School. John’s mother Fran is also an active resident of Hopkinton and can be frequently be seen downtown or enjoying the Senior Center.

“I look forward to discussing the issues facing Hopkinton with the voters. I am asking for your support during the campaign and your vote at the May election. I would be honored to continue to represent the best interests of the community in a new position as a Selectman”