Patrick Administration Awards Green Communities Competitive Grants to Hopkinton and to 42 Communities

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Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) Secretary Maeve Vallely Bartlett and Department of Energy Resources (DOER) Acting Commissioner Meg Lusardi today awarded $7.9 million in grants to fund dozens of clean energy projects in 43 municipalities

DOER’s Green Communities Competitive Grants are awarded to designated Green Communities that have successfully invested their previously-awarded Green Communities grants. Awards are capped at $250,000 per municipality.

“Thanks in part to the work done in cities and towns across the Commonwealth, Massachusetts has changed its whole approach to obtaining and using energy,” said Secretary Bartlett. “This funding will allow these communities to continue the good work they have already begun.”

The grants, totaling $7,905,438, are funded through proceeds from carbon allowance auctions under the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). The goal of the Green Communities Competitive Grant program is to support energy efficiency and renewable energy projects that further the clean energy goals of previously-designated Green Communities.

“These 43 municipalities demonstrated their commitment to clean energy leadership in becoming Green Communities and investing their initial grants in projects that cut municipal energy use,” said Acting Commissioner Lusardi. “With the nearly $8 million in additional grants we’re announcing today, they will make further progress toward energy independence while locking in long-term savings for local taxpayers and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

There are 123 Green Communities. across the Commonwealth, representing 48 percent of Massachusetts residents. The Green Communities Competitive Grants are being awarded for the following projects:

Northeast Region $4,663,568 total.

Hopkinton - $111,702 total.

• $8,203 Town Hall – LED exterior lighting

• $24,938 Hopkins School – LED exterior lighting

• $11,470 Hopkinton Middle School – LED exterior lighting

• $56,978 Hopkinton High School – LED exterior lighting

• $10,113 Elmwood School – LED exterior lighting