A Reason to Vote for Scordino

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Dear Editor,

I support Ellen Scordino for school committee for the many reasons that are well documented in the letters which can be found at www.ellens4hopkintonschools.org.

An additional reason for my support is based on the interaction of the school committee and the school administration during the school budget discussion at last week's Annual Town Meeting. It is clear we need someone that is willing to gain an understanding of policies and financial expenditures, recognize their impact on students and tax-paying families and promote discussion within the board, the administration and the public. Given Ellen's professional experience and lack of an agenda, I am very confident that Ellen is the best candidate to look out for the town's interest.

She has the confidence to ask the questions that need to be asked and the desire to share the answers.

Please join my wife Kirsten and me in voting for Ellen Scordino on May 20.

Thank You,

Dan Terry
9 John Matthew Road