Say 'Thanks' to Your Child's Teacher

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Show your appreciation through the Thank-A-Teacher Appeal

Please take the opportunity to recognize your child's teacher in a special way, by making a donation to the Hopkinton Education Foundation.

Each educator honored by a donation through Thank-A-Teacher receives a personalized letter from the Education Foundation thanking them for their work, and includes the name of the child. Last June the appeal recognized more than 150 teachers for their outstanding contributions.

To participate, look for the Education Foundation's flyer in your child's backpack on May 30th. You can also download the form from our website, here.

Please send in your donation by June 13th. Thank you!

Other Ways to Give to the Education Foundation

Donate Directly

Donate directly to us at,

or by sending a check to the Hopkinton Education Foundation, P.O. Box 109, Hopkinton, MA 01748.

Donate Through Your United Way Designation

Does your company have a United Way campaign to which you already donate? Did you know that you can 'designate' all or a portion of your United Way donation to the Hopkinton Education Foundation? It's an easy way to specifically direct those donations to a local organization that impacts your community directly.

Please contact Clelland Johnson ([email protected]) if you'd like additional information on the ways to donate noted above, or if you have questions.