In Support of Carolyn Dykema for Re-election for State Rep. of the 8th District

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In support of Carolyn Dykema for re-election for state rep. of the 8th district.

To me Carolyn Dykema is the definition of “good people”.
She is a tireless advocate who cares about our community.

She has reached out to me when my family has been hurting,
she has reached out to my son to help with an Eagle scout project,
she has reached out to the seniors,
she has reached out to veterans,
she has reached out on the environment,
and has reached out to support our children’s education.

Carolyn Dykema is a good neighbor who reaches out to the concerns and needs in the 8th district.

I am reaching out to you to show Carolyn Dykema your support on November 6th with your vote so she may continue to reach out and support our community.

Thank you,
Darlene Hayes
1 Third Road
Hopkinton, MA