Veterans Breakfast at the Hopkinton Senior Center, Friday October 1st at 9am

By contributor,

The gathering will honor the memory of Tony DeStefano, who served during WW II, and together with Hal Pentheny and Don Hitchings (who both lived in Hopkinton) was a key Corsair technician on Okinawa.

Hopkinton's the Battle of Okinawa

The Corsair: best fighter in WW II

All veterans are welcome to share in the camaraderie of fellow vets. In addition to great chow (including SOS) there will be remembrances of lost comrades, and identifying those on "sick call."

We will recall several past military events that happened on October 1st, and entertain sports fans with baseball events from October 1st. Future veterans activities planned for Hopkinton will be announced.

See you Friday. Out.