What a Success....The First Annual Smilin' with Hillers Fockey!

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To this point, Stephen has been the primary voice for KeepSmilin4Abbie.

I want to take a moment and share my thoughts on Sunday's event.

John Copely & Livy Harvey generously took the time to capture our event in pictures and have shared them with us. These photos are now available here. Please have a look and download or share them with your friends. The pictures do an awesome job of capturing the enthusiasm and competitive fire that we all brought to the games! They also show a great event for a great cause.

Reviewing Sunday's event and reflecting on the past several months gives me an overwhelming feeling of gratitude for all that you have done for us. We have been touched by all of you.

To the army of volunteers, and to our core group of organizers who work like a well-oiled machine...Thank you!

To the Community/Parent players...parents, teachers, principal, counselor, police officers, firefighters, coaches, friends, and family members; I could hear Abbie giggling watching us all come together to play the game she loved so much and realizing how much agility, running (and sucking wind) was involved! Thank you SO much!

To the Varsity/Alumni players...your participation out there was awesome! It was great to see former players come back and get into the swing of things again...and congrats on your big win! Varsity; I enjoyed being out there on the field with you. I felt Abbie with us (...rolling her eyes at your "Coach!") She loved you all, and I am so grateful for the time she spent with you.

It was a great day. We raised almost $30,000! And we had fun doing it! All for Abbie...all for a great cause.

Thank you again. We're looking forward to seeing you next year!

With Deepest Appreciation,
Amy Benford