Young Swimmer Succumbs to Injuries

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At 5:01pm on June 3, 2019 the Hopkinton Police Communication Center received multiple 911 calls reporting a boy had disappeared beneath the water in Lake Maspenock. The boy had been in the water at Sandy Beach on the west side of the lake. Dispatch immediately dispatched police and fire resources. Upon arrival at the beach, police utilized civil bystanders, already on scene to begin a search of the area where the boy had been last seen. Within minutes the boy was located and life saving measures were begun by members of the Hopkinton Fire Department.. The nine year old boy was transported to Milford Regional Hospital. The boy was then transferred to Umass Hospital by helicopter for further care.

Update: At approximately 1:30am the Hopkinton Police Department learned that Jorge Santiago age 9 had succumbed to his injuries at Umass Memorial Hospital.

Early this morning, members of the Hopkinton Emergency Management Group including members of Public Safety, Parks and Recreation, Youth and Family Services, advocates and the School District convened to identify resources available to the community in response to this tragic event.

Hopkinton School Superintendent Dr. Carol Cavanaugh coordinated with School Principals, Teachers and Adjustment Counselors to identify and support any children who may need counseling. Hopkinton School Resource Officers visited each of the schools to assist as needed.

The Hopkinton Department of Youth and Family Services is coordinating a wider community support response. They have begun connecting with citizens who have been impacted and have offered their services. Additionally, Hopkinton Youth and Family Services will be available between 8:30am and 4:30pm throughout the week. Staff members are Licensed Independent Clinical Social Workers and are specially trained in this form of care. They can be contacted at (508) 497-9781 to set up an appointment.

Youth and Family Service and Riverside Trauma Center will be present at the Council on Aging at 7pm on Wednesday for support and discussion related to this traumatic event.

Riverside Trauma Center has offered this link: