Become a Part of Take Care's Communal Album Art!

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Watch the HCAM News video with Kyle Joseph of Take Care to learn how you can you can help support their second album and become part of their communal album art.

The Hopkinton based Take Care band was formed in the fall of 2008 when brothers Kyle and Dan, better known as DJ, Joseph began writing music together. Take Care has now been together for just over two years and produced their first album, Awakenasleep, in July of 2009.

The band continues to create music and hopes that a 30-day campaign on the all or nothing crowd funding website Kickstarter will provide support for the recording and production of their second album this summer.

Three songs slated for the upcoming album have already received media attention with the popular music blog naming the band's three song demo one of the best new releases of Fall 2010.

HCAM News sat down with Take Care's Kyle Joseph to talk about the band and the Kickstarter project. While you will recognize the same band from their first album, Joseph says the band is growing up.

"Our new material is very different than our first album," said Joseph. "It's more musical, sounds older, more mature."

The band's inspiration comes from a group of 10 to 15 bands that all the band members listen to, including names such as Fleet Foxes and Arcade Fire, but they prefer to leave their style undefined.

"We don't have a good way to put it into words," said Joseph. "I'd say the best way is to listen and call it whatever you want."

Joseph says that writing is a process that involves all of the band members. He was in Scotland recently and came back with what he calls "baby songs". From there, the rest of the band listens, decides what sounds good and what doesn't, and comes up with the final songs.

"Little embryos come from DJ and I and then the whole band puts it together," explained Joseph.

Take Care's project was accepted by Kickstarter and launched on June 10, 2011. They have until July 30, 2011 to raise the $8,000 needed to record their second album. If they hit the $8,000 goal, they get to keep the funds, plus any additional money raised. If they don't hit the $8,000 goal, they get nothing. With 15 days to go in the campaign, Take Care has raised approximately $4,500 and hopes to reach their goal.

The band is using communal cover art to help garner support for their Kickstarter campaign.

"We think of it as the visual representation of the album," said Joseph. "We are creating the cover art by joining the names of everyone who supports us together to form the picture, to form the cover of the album. So everywhere the music goes, the supporters' names will go too."

Take Care is excited about this opportunity and hopes you will help them reach their goal.

"We are so thankful for any and all support that you can provide for the Kickstarter project and for the album," said Joseph. "We really hope to have a ton of Hopkinton names on the cover so that the town can travel everywhere that the music goes and we cannot wait to share this album with you at the end of the summer."

To learn how you can become a part of that, and support the band's fundraising efforts, visit Kickstarter.