Desire to Inspire at the Hopkinton Public Library

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As part of the "26.2 Desire to Inspire" program, children, students and adults decorated a running shoe cutout at the Hopkinton Public Library and declared their inspiration. Artist Carrie Malandrino provided materials for participants to unleash their creativity. The event was a success, bringing people from all age groups together to enjoy a relaxing art project and express gratitude for someone or something that has served as a positive influence in life.

"The Program is in the spirit of the marathon, weather you run or not you can be a part of it." "It's for the younger and older kids and it's around the Desire to Inspire, which is the theme of the 26.2 marathon, and I think everyone has an inspiration, whether it comes from a person or place they think is beautiful or this is something they can personalize." "Basically they color in a sneaker, they can make it with shoelaces...Above, it say's my desire to inspire comes from my _____ and then they fill in the blank, so it's kind of personal and makes it a lot more involved...It's a fun project, it's kind of therapeutic too actually." -Carrie Malandrino

Artist Carrie Malandrino recently moved to Massachusetts from New York and brought along her library art programs. The "26.2 Desire to Inspire" was her first program in the Bay State: "This program being my first one here, was a great opportunity around the Marathon, which is a huge deal, it's been going on for over 100 years...I think it has a lot more meaning, especially after the tragedy of last year. People shouldn't forget, but I think keep it in their hearts, and I think this is one of the ways that enables them to do that."

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