Hopkinton Family Hosts Foreign Exchange Student

By Michelle Murdock, Freelance Writer

Bill and Linda Casey and their son Will are hosts to one of Hopkinton's foreign exchange students, Tingsong Fu, from China. In this HCAM News video, staff reporter Mark Collins talks with Tingsong and the Caseys about their experience.

"We want to learn more about the rest of the world," says Casey. "We want to learn about China."

According to Bill Casey, his wife Linda had inquired about hosting foreign exchange students a few years ago, but there wasn't a program in place. Now, with Hopkinton welcoming eight foreign exchange students who will be spending the year at Hopkinton High School, the Caseys have the opportunity to host Tingsong Fu, a a high school senior from China, in their home on Lake Maspenock.

For Casey, the experience is rewardiing, but not without its challenges. As a high school senior, Tingsong is going through the college application process .

"That's been a little bit challenging," says Casey.

For Tingsong, the language differene is the most difficult. He explains that sometimes if he answers a question the Chinese way, the answer will not be correct. Learning English is more than just the grammar. But Tingsong hopes to improve his English and return to China with a new sense of independence. He also talks about his classmates whom he finds helpful and how he reallly likes having a beach nearby.

For the Casey's son, Will, it's an opportunity to learn first hand about a different culture from someone who is like an older brother.

"He's different than my older brother, but it's pretty cool," says Will.

To learn more about Tingsong and his host family the Caseys, watch the video below.
welcomed eight foreign exchange students who will be spending the year at Hopkinton High School. There are six students from China, one from Germany, and one from Italy.

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