Hoyts Bring Inspirational Message to Elmwood School

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"Yes you Can!" That was the message that Rick and Dick Hoyt sent to Elmwood students. The father and son duo have inspired people around the world with their never say can't attitude by competing in over 1,000 triathlons and races, including 30 years running the Boston Marathon.

And after watching a video about the Hoyt's in health class, a group of six third graders: Teddy Henneberry, Connor Murphy, Cam Mulvaney, David Piacentini, Dan Staring, and Matthew Cooper, were very inspired by the Hoyts' story, and wanted to meet them in person. But getting the Hoyts to Elmwood took persistence.

The boys took the Hoyts' "yes you can" message to heart, and devised a plan to help bring their heroes to Elmwood. With the encouragement of wellness teacher Christine Basile, the boys went to a runner's expo in Boston that the Hoyts were at and expressed how interested they were for the Hoyts to visit.

And the Hoyts' visit did not disappoint, as not only the boys, but the entire school was treated to a memorable day.

The boys' special day concluded with an autograph session so they can always look back on their experience.

Check back later on the HCAM website to see the day's event in its entirety.