Video Segment: ESBC Selects Design Firm for Center School Project

By Tom Nappi, News Director

Story Written by: Kelsey Simonson

On Tuesday, October 21st, the Elementary School Building Committee chose the design firm for the Center school project.

The MSBA and the members representing the ESBC voted for DRA as their first choice design team; DRA garnered the most votes from the panel. DRA was chosen out of three possible candidates. "They all came with very high qualifications", ESBC chair Joe Markey stated today at HCAM's ESBC Update, but stated that they felt DRA in particular would work closely with the committee and not stay "in their ivory tower" as Markey said.

Vice-chair Mike Shepard echoed the approval of DRA as the chosen design firm. Shepard added that DRA will also pay particular attention to the historic nature of the existing Center School. DRA, he said, has experience in working at historic sites.

"We're looking for a design partner that's going to be open-minded, not come in with a pre-defined solution," Markey added. He is confident that DRA will pay particular attention to the needs and desires of Hopkinton's residents.

Now that a design firm has been chosen, the next step is contract negotiation. Markey and Shepard noted that the budget for the firm has already been set at town meeting, so there is a fixed amount limit of funds for negotiation. However, Markey said, talks still must take place, and although it is likely that DRA will remain as the design firm for the ESBC, there is a possibility that the second or third choice firm could take their place should negotiations fall through.

Check out the video for more information.

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