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Video: Sky's the Limit Middle School Courtyard Project in Progress

Throughout the Summer, the Sky's the Limit Courtyard project has been putting their donations to work. In the beginning of July the courtyard was dug out to get it ready for the bricks, performance area and more. Middle School Assistant Principal and a key initiator of the project, Maryellen Grady gave HCAM news an update on the progress: "The bricks are in that are going to go in the walk way, they have done the hard-scaping, they leveled the courtyard, we have had a lot of exciting things that have happened."

Maryellen mentioned that by the end of the summer the hard-scape with bricks people ordered will be installed, the performance area and pergola will also be completed. "The space will be ready for use by the students, the teachers and the entire community." Grady stated they would "love" to have the project completed by the time the students come back to school in September and also expressed gratitude towards the donors, "none of the project would be possible without the generosity of the community". The project has been largely funded by individual and business donations.

For more information:

To see scenes of the Courtyard throughout the Summer construction and to hear more about the progress, watch the video below.

Image Courtesy: Sky's the Limit Courtyard Project

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Video: Hopkinton Police Department Host 2nd Annual "National Night Out"

For the 2nd straight year the Hopkinton Police Department took part in National Night out. The night is intended to bring local communities closer with their local Police Departments and help crime prevention. Attendees of national night out got a tour of the police cruiser as well as enjoyed food and games and got a closer glimpse of the hard work involved to protect and serve the community.

In the Video: Chief Edward Lee and event organizer Stephen Buckley talked about the successful event, Sergeant Scott Van Raalten showed off some gear used by the regional swat team, you will also see some scenes from the K9 demonstration by Officer Matt Stone of the Holliston Police Department with his Canine companion "Cesh".

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Keep Smilin' 4 Abbie 2015 Field Hockey Fundraiser Games

The 2nd annual Keep Smilin 4 Abbie Field Hockey Fundraiser was a success and helped raise $20,000 in funding research and raising awareness for anaphylaxis. Keep Smilin 4 Abbie was set up in honor of Abbie Benford who passed away from an anaphylactic reaction at the age of 15.
For more information go to

In the First Video see the full broadcast as Parents took on the Teachers in a 2, 10-minute halves matchup, and the Hillers took on Hillers Alumni in a 2, 20 minute halves Field Hockey Game.

In the Second Video, on the field scenes from HCAM News of the Parents VS Teachers.

In the Third Video, on the field scenes from HCAM News of the Hillers VS Hillers Alumni

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HCAM News 7-24-2015

On this edition of HCAM News, we will show you some of the scenes as 2 Hopkinton Time Capsules were unveiled, Camp Bailout, a Firefighters and Emergency Medical Services Summer camp for Girls took place and many locals attended and we have highlights from the final week of Ashland Legion Baseball but first at the July Board of Selectmen meeting, CVS moving into the former Colella’s was the big topic of discussion.

Photo Courtesy: Camp Bailout

Art Teacher Wanted for Center School

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Job Posting # 16-10
Opening Date: August 4, 2015
Closing Date: Open Until Filled
TITLE: Elementary Art Teacher
TYPE OF POSITION: Part-time (.4), 2015-2016 school year; salary commensurate with
experience and education
LOCATION: Center School, Hopkinton, Massachusetts
AREA OF CONSIDERATION: All qualified candidates
The Elementary Art Teacher develops in each student, an interest in and the ability for creative
expression in visual terms, using skills and techniques of artistic expression appropriate to the

HHS Top of the Hill Class of 2015

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The Hopkinton High School Top of the Hill Program honors alumni for their exceptional achievements and contributions to society. This program is brought to you by The Hopkinton Parent Teacher Association, The Hopkinton Education Foundation, and the Hopkinton High School.

Class of 2015 Inductees:.

Paul Phipps - 1939 .

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Video: Keep Smilin' 4 Abbie 2nd Annual Field Hockey Fundraiser

The 2nd annual Keep Smilin 4 Abbie Field Hockey Fundraiser was a success and helped raise $20,000 in funding research and raising awareness for anaphylaxis. Keep Smilin 4 Abbie was set up in honor of Abbie Benford who passed away from an anaphylactic reaction at the age of 15.

For more information go to

In the first video: See highlights and hear from Father of Abbie, Stephen Benford. Stephen talked about the progress KeepSmilin4Abbie has made and the festivities at the 2nd annual field hockey event. Also in the 1st video President of Weston Nurseries and member of the community team in the Field Hockey match, Peter Mezitt talked to HCAM news about taking part in the event.

In the Second Video: See highlights from the Field Hockey matches and interviews with players from the Hillers and the Hillers Alumni team. In the First game, the Community and Parents ended in a 1-1 tie. In the 2nd game, the Alumni took down the Current Hillers 1-0.

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Video: Enter Stage Left Theater Cast talks "Taming of the Shrew"

From Thursday July 30th through Saturday August 1st, many locals enjoyed a night at the town common for a free viewing of Shakespeare's' "Taming of the Shrew" from the Hopkinton Center for the Arts "Enter Stage Left Theater" program. Under the direction of Thomas Kee, the play was a success and the performers enjoyed taking part in the outdoor production.

In the below video you can see scenes from the play and some of the cast talks about the production; The 2 main characters in the play "Kenneth" played by Alex Wersted from Hopedale and "Petruchia" played by Barbara O' Toole from Worcester and also "Baptiste" played by Barbara Kessler of Hopkinton.

To view an HCAM News interview with the Director of the play, Thomas Kee click here.

Also be on the lookout for the full production of "Taming of the Shrew" airing soon on HCAM!

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Video: Art on the Trail 2015

This August, the Hopkinton Center for the Arts and the Upper Charles Trail Committee hosted their first Hopkinton Center Trail Art Walk. The Art Walk has an array of outdoor sculptures at highly visible sites along the Center Trail. Bird houses with designs can also be seen a long the trail. Groups and artists that helped create the work along the trail include; Michael Lisnow Respite Center, The Hopkinton Senior Center, Golden Pond, The Serenity House and Girl Scout Troop 85290.

Toward the beginning of the trail you will see a colored sand and pebbles design entitled "Carpet" by Upton Native and artist Lauren Scheuer, the piece is inspired by Middle eastern carpet designs. Another piece here is entitled "Hope Imagined, Hope Realized" was created by Town Clerk Geri Holland a long with the Serenity House. The piece features a big nest with among the contents Inside displaying positive messages.

Saturday September 19th at 2pm, Local Poets will be along the trail, the poets are using the trail and the artwork as influence for orginal poems to be read during the September 19th ceremony. Art on the trail will be displayed until September 26th, so you can walk or jog the trail while looking at some fantastic artwork.

One of the pieces of work features colorful spiderweb designs and is called Grandmother Spider, it was created by Artist, Cathy Weaver Taylor. On her website she describes the piece as "recycling of discarded material to make something new that shines in the light reminding us of Grandmother spider connecting us all in this fragile piece we call the web of life."

To see more, view the video below.

Officers Save Lives As A Result of Narcan Administration

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On Sunday August 2nd at approximately 6:00pm officers were dispatched to a possible overdose at a local convenience store. Upon arrival Officers O’Neil and Powers found a 19 year old man unconscious. Officers observed the man’s lips to be blueish and could only detect very shallow respirations. Officers administered a dosage of Narcan and the patient quickly came to consciousness. Members of the Hopkinton Fire Ambulance assumed treatment of the patient and transported the man to a local hospital.


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