The Town of Hopkinton Seeks a Full-Time Public Safety Dispatcher

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Under general guidance of the Dispatch Supervisor and direction of the Chief of Police, the Public Safety Dispatchers are part of the Public Safety Communications Center. Our dedicated and highly trained professionals routinely offer life-saving medical instructions in addition to providing accurate public safety information.

Early Registration for Against the Tide

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Registration for the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition's Against the Tide event is now open. The event will take place at the Hopkinton State Park on Saturday, June 17 in 2017 and at Nickerson State Park in Brewster on Saturday, August 19, 2017.

The race will start at 8:30 AM with the competitive swim/aquathon and 5K/10K run portions. The walk portion will be at 8:50 AM, the recreational swim will be at 9:45 AM, and the kayaking event will be at 10:45 AM. Participants can take part in one, two, or three of the events in any combination.

Video: Push-ups for Veteran Suicide Awareness at Hopkinton Police Station

By Tom Nappi, News Director

The 22Kill organization started in 2013 and works across the nation to raise awareness for Veterans facing mental health issues. This week at the Hopkinton Police Station, members of the Hopkinton Police and Fire Department did 22 pushups + 1 more to honor the estimated 22 veterans a year that commit suicide and 1 more for active duty military that take their lives. The organization hopes to reach 22 million push-ups nationwide.

Diabetes Self-Management Workshop

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Learn to take control of your diabetes with this free workshop! The workshop meets on Monday, September 12, 19, and 26, and on October 3, 17, and 24. It takes place at the Hopkinton Senior Center, 28 Mayhew Street in Hopkinton, from 12:30-3:00 PM.

During these six courses, you will learn:

- Techniques to deal with diabetes symptoms, fatigue, pain, and hyper/hypoglycemia
- Better nutrition and exercise choices
- How to improve your patient/physician relationship
- Medications and Management
- Skills to manage symptoms

Yoga - A Way of Life

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A discourse and demonstration by Shubhada Wavikar of The Sacred Grove, a yoga studio in Hopkinton, MA., will take place at the Hopkinton Senior Center on Wednesday, August 17 at 7:00 PM. Shuba will talk about the origin, types and branches of yoga. We will discuss the mind - body - soul connection in yoga, and note some research supporting yoga's health benefits. We will briefly touch upon postures (asanas), some breathing techniques (pranayama), hand gestures (mudras), and meditation. We will also discuss the concept of mindfulness. We welcome you to attend this workshop.

The Hopkinton Public Library presents Yoga - A Way of Life

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Yoga - A Way of Life will be a discourse and demonstration by Shubhada Wavikar of The Sacred Grove, a yoga studio in Hopkinton, MA. The event will be held at the Hopkinton Senior Center on Monday, June 20 at 7:00 PM.

June 21st is International Yoga Day! Have you ever been curious about yoga, but don't quite know what it involves? Or perhaps you are an experienced practitioner looking to expand your yogic horizons.

A Kidney for Justin

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Meet Justin. He just turned 14 years old and is finishing up 8th grade. He enjoys playing Call of Duty and Minecraft like other kids his age. Justin hasn't had much time for games recently.

Justin was recently put on dialysis and is in desperate need of a kidney.

Physicial Requirements:
Age - Under 63 years old
BMI - Under 30
Blood Type - O
Must be a non-smoker

Required Participant Information:
Full legal name
Blood Type
Date of Birth
Social Security Number
Phone Number
Email Address