Planning Board Meets Monday Night

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Hopkinton's Planning Board meets on Monday, December 20 starting at 7:30PM. See agenda below.

7:30 Appointment – Design Review Board Alternate – Finley Perry

7:35 Continued Public Hearing – Legacy Farms Road South Definitive Subdivision Plan
Applicant: Legacy Farms LLC
The 11-lot definitive subdivision plan shows a new road from Clinton Street to East Main Street. The new road will serve the Legacy Farms development, which is subject to a Master Plan Special Permit issued by the Planning Board on May 13, 2010.

Other Business
• Minutes (11/15/10)

Karen Spilka to Receive Legislator of the Year Award

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NAIOP Massachusetts, the Commercial Real Estate Development Association, will present a special Legislator of the Year Award to Senator Karen Spilka at its Annual Meeting on December 15. The Award will be presented in recognition of Senator Spilka's efforts to advance economic development in the Commonwealth.

Selectmen Discuss Legacy Farms and Center School

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Legacy Farms’ management has formalized its reconfiguration request first presented to the Board of Selectmen back on August 19th. A two page letter addressed to Chairman RJ Dourney was distributed at the board meeting held on Tuesday, December 7th. In the letter, Legacy Farms’ developer Roy MacDowell laid out his plan for eliminating 54 bedrooms in the rental apartment component of the development.

Planning Board Agenda for December 6

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Hopkinton's Planning Board will meet on Monday, December 6th at 7:30 in Room 211 at Town Hall. See the agenda below for details of what will be discussed at Monday's meeting.


7:30 Approval Not Required Plan – 198 & 224 South St. – DiCarlo

7:35 Continued Public Hearing – Legacy Farms Road South Definitive Subdivision Plan
Applicant: Legacy Farms LLC

Selectmen Discuss Relocation of DPW Garage

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The Department of Public Works (DPW) garage on Fruit Street is moving. Design dependencies from the proposed Fruit Street Elementary School project may decide when the move happens.

Selectmen to Discuss Fruit Street Parcel

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The Board of Selectmen will meet on Tuesday, November 30, at 6PM to review the future of the Department of Public Works (DPW) garage in relation to the proposed elementary school at Fruit Street.

Following that, the board will go into executive session to discuss the Police Union contract. According to the agenda, the meeting is scheduled to adjourn at 7:30 PM.

Representative Dykema Tours IntAct Labs

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State Representative Carolyn Dykema and members of the Water Infrastructure Finance Commission yesterday visited the office and laboratories of IntAct Labs LLC., calling its technology platform potentially "game changing" for waste water treatment plants. The Representative met with members of IntAct Lab's team and toured the site for a first-hand look at IntAct Lab's advances in microbial fuel cell technology.

Khumalo Streamlines Town Committees

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In an ongoing attempt to streamline the town's committee processes, Town Manager Norman Khumalo made several recommendations for changes to the Board of Selectemen at their November 23rd meeting. Three current committees' charges and suggestions for improvements were discussed with the board, including the Economic Development Committee, the ADA Committee and the Cable Advisory Committee.

Selectmen Set Budget Guidelines for FY2012

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The Board of Selectmen, in consultation with Town Manager Norman Khumalo, agreed on budget guidelines for FY2012 after a lengthy discussion at their November 9th meeting. The message for FY2012 is clear; 1) level funded operational expenses at FY2011 dollars, 2) additional increases in fixed costs to be funded through the tax levy subject to the maximum levy not to exceed Prop 2.5 plus the excess levy capacity of approximately $900,000 over a two year period.

Youth Commission Sets Goals and Initiatives

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An updated set of goals and initiatives was one of the major agenda items at the recent Youth Commission meeting.

The October 10th meeting, held at Town Hall, continued an ongoing review process that will eventually result in a comprehensive set of activities and practices designed to promote a healthy environment for the young people of Hopkinton.

The meeting participants agreed on a list of six initiatives:

1. Secure Grants
2. Youth Activities
3. Volunteer Recruitment
4. Community Outreach
5. Web Update and Revision
6. beFree Projects


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